Breakout Speakers

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Lee Taylor

Assistant Pastor for Local Ministries

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

How to Train Your Church to Have Gospel Conversations Anytime, Anywhere

What comes to mind when you think of evangelism? What if evangelism was as simple as meeting others in the normal rhythms of life and pointing them to Christ in an encouraging and inviting way? Join us for Gospel Conversation Training where you will:

1. Learn how to transition everyday conversations to Gospel conversations.
2. Practice a simple way to present the Gospel to anyone, anywhere.
3. Create a brief, compelling testimony of how Jesus has transformed your life.
4. Practice engaging the community with prayer and Gospel conversations.
5. Be equipped to train a fellow believer or new disciple to do all of the above.

James Keath

International Mission Board

Larry McCrary

Co-Founder & Director

The Upstream Collective

North Africa and the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities for Gospel Advance

This breakout will provide an overview of the North Africa/Middle East region, focusing on unique challenges that shape mission strategies for engaging with the gospel some of the least-reached peoples on the planet. Keath and McCrary will lay out three strategic priorities for engaging the region, with special attention given to partnering with churches to accelerate the sending of laborers to the region.

Gordon Fort

Senior Ambassador for the President

International Mission Board

Praying Strategically for Global Missions

In the task of the Great Commission prayer is not just important, it is essential! James 5:16b reads, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!” Does this describe your prayer life? Do you hunger to grow deeper in your prayer life? If so, let’s explore the powerful spiritual principles embedded in this verse together and see how the Spirit might apply them into our lives. We may not be able to get a visa to many countries and we may not be able to personally get to many of the UUPG’s in the world. However, strategic praying has no boundaries and advances the gospel among the nations.

Susan Kelly

Community Transformation Coordinator for Tanzania

e3 Partners

Community Transformation Multiplies the Gospel

Multiplying the Gospel means multiplying the transformation of lives and communities. Churches will grow and expand their impact when a church planting strategy integrates tangible, sustainable solutions to a community’s greatest problems. Community Transformation trainings are easily facilitated in the local community to help people take ownership of their community’s future and recognize the resources God has entrusted to them.

Practical tips and tools for Community Transformation

Practical, Bible-based, easily implemented tools that help community leaders identify their greatest problems, prioritize those problems, and develop an appropriate strategy for solving them with sustainable resources available within the community. How to develop a witnessing strategy that transforms daily life for entire communities, makes them positively predisposed to the gospel, and moves toward church.

Bryant Wright

Senior Pastor

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Ricky Wheeler

Executive Pastor of Global Ministries

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Establishing & Growing a Church Missional Culture

A spring break mission trip in 1992 was transformational for our students and ultimately for the life of the church. This was the beginning of a movement of God. Missions at JF went from just another program of the church to fundamentally who we are. This session will share a glimpse of JF’s missions story and a practical view of the foundational elements including organizational and funding structures, role of senior pastor and lessons learned from mistakes that have been critical in creating a missions-centered church.

Moderated by Bryan Hanson

Assistant Pastor of National Ministries

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Effective Church Plant Partnerships

While planting churches is critical to advancing God’s kingdom, many of us in the local church do not know how we can help foster the establishment of new churches. This session will focus on practical ways that a local church can effectively engage in church planting regardless of its size or financial resources. Hear from a panel of experienced church planters about ways they have been positively and negatively affected by partner churches. Learn how you can lead your church in supporting kingdom growth through church planting.

Kendra Hanson

Institute Services Director

Wellspring Living

The Role of the Church in Ending Human Trafficking

This session will prepare church partners in how they can join the fight against human trafficking. We will address risk factors, red flags, and the hope that organizations offer survivors of trafficking, and most importantly, ways that the church can support the mission to end sex trafficking.

Scott Nutter

Director of Church Engagement

Faith Comes by Hearing

Empowering “Digital Bible Missionaries”

Faith Comes By Hearing is making God’s Word available for every person through audio recordings, video, sign language, and Apps. We will show how to use new technology to share the Scriptures in 1,138 languages spoken by 6 billion people around the world and here in the USA. Right now according to 282 UPG’s are right here in our communities and neighborhoods. We will explore how to use smartphone technology to be able to share the Gospel in the heart languages spoken by those across the street and to the ends of the earth.

Stories from the Mission Field

Join a panel of veteran workers from the mission field as they share stories of what God is doing in the areas they serve around the world and how the local church can participate.

Joan Parsons



Linda Shaffer

Global Connector


How to Equip the Church to Think Missionally Where they Live, Work, and Play

Many of our church members will go to Africa and share their faith, but will they go across the street? Learn practical tools and ideas to encourage and equip your church to missionally, right where they are. Help them find purpose in their work, relationships, and neighborhoods. Whether they are at the gym, in the office, or cul-de-sac, God wants to use them to fulfill the Great Commission.

Larry McCrary

Co-Founder & Director

The Upstream Collective

Helping the Church to Care for Our Missionaries

Do you have missionaries that call your church their sending church? Do you have healthy care systems in place for them? How can we care for the missionaries that have we sent out from our church? We will take a look at setting up a system for caring for your sent out ones and how to equip church members to do so effectively.